Water2Fire is a 'one stop shop' for your home's exterior cleaning needs.

Established in 2007 in Apex, NC, Water2Fire is owned and operated by Waylon Edelen who has over 8 years experience in the business. From power washing to handyman services our services are professional, competitively priced and backed by a 100% satisfaction guaranteed.  

About the Weather

Customers need to keep in mind that weather greatly affects some of our services and their scheduling.

Deck sealing can only be done when temperatures are 50 ° F or above. We can pressure wash a deck anytime, even in the rain, but stains & sealants must be applied when temperatures are 50 ° F or above.

Gutter cleaning cannot be done if there is frozen water in the gutters (after a rain & frost), therefore, if we come out and this is the issue we will need to reschedule.

Cooler temperatures do not affect the results of house pressure washing or vinyl cleaning as long as the temperature is above freezing. Rain does not really affect this type of service either. It obviously makes it a little more miserable to work in, but as long as it’s not lighting we are able to provide quality house washing services on rainy days. Wind can be a little tricky. Strong winds may cause more house wash soap to get on the neighbor’s house than on the one we are washing.

We usually play it by ear so we may reschedule a job if weather is not permitting so please be understanding. 
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